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        The Appraisal...

        We inspect all visible components of the vehicle we are
        appraising.  No disassembly is done for this inspection, but a
        careful and detailed inspection takes place.

        A number of photographs of the vehicle are taken at this time so
        as to have a visible record of the condition at the time of
        inspection. Most evaluations require a minimum of 4 photos but
        the evaluator may wish to take more if required. Inspections of
        the vehicle are recorded by the appraiser at the time of

        We then return to the office to edit, type and assemble the
        photos. Before a value is attached to your vehicle, the appraiser
        will research your vehicle for quality, authenticity, rarity, known
        sales figures of similar vehicles and confirmation of modification
        investments. You will be given a complete Appraisal Report.

        Please contact us by phone or e-mail for more information.
        Don Cooper
        403-703-1131   /   888-701-3284
        BOX 91 SITE 1 RR 1, STRATHMORE, AB   T1P 1J6
        About Don Cooper

        Don's earliest recollection of cars is of the late 50's and early 60's
        are when his father and a friend were building Roundy Round cars
        for the Edmonton Race Track. Since then his love for cars has
        Don is a licensed mechanic for 35 years, a government inspector
        for out of province vehicles, Southern Alberta representative for
        Good Guys and Past President of the Specialty Vehicle
        Association of Alberta (which is a lobby group representing the
        hobbyist with the provincial government). 

        Don is a founding/charter member of the Specialty Vehicle
        Appraisal Institute of Alberta.  He is also a past director of the

        Don and his wife Gayle have been involved with drag racing, show
        cars, and street/hot rods for over 35 years.

        Gayle manages the office and staff, has worked with Don for many
        years and travels to all the car shows to help out with mobile SRC
        Booth .

        Don & Gayle proudly own and operate Street Rod Corner.
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